About Us

We are a boutique design and stationery agency based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia. Cass Deller started her design and illustration business back in 2013, specialising in high-end stationery, illustrative graphic design and custom hand lettering. Her business has flourished over the last 5 years, establishing a successful design company in her signature coastal style.

Our Values

Each of our brides and clients means the world to us. We pride ourselves on attracting the right customers, and so when we come together, no doubt we'll hit it off! Our lovely team here at CD are all experienced in the world of weddings, and when it comes to your beautiful day, we can't wait to hear about all the details and go on this journey with you. Our intention is that this time is made both joyful and easy for you both.

Each and every detail of your stationery suite is hand painted by Cass Deller. We don't on-sell or mass produce any of the illustrations that we use for our stationery designs, which means each design is super special and your guests will be wowed by your impressive stationery collection.
In addition we DO NOT use any downloaded, mass-produced illustrations or generic fonts for your names! Each name and heading is written by hand in your chosen lettering style, ensuring that hand-crafted touch is carried through your entire event.

03 / QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. (Simplicity over the bless & whistles)
During the design process, we ensure that you as a couple are reflected through your stationery. We represent the theme of your wedding through beautiful illustrations and custom hand lettering, which is then printed onto luxury textured stock. We pride ourselves on ensuring our custom illustrations and lettering are the hero of the design, and don't believe our stationery requires all the bells & whisltes.

We believe that your timeless designs can stand as a reminder of your special memories, long after your wedding day is over. We offer framed illustrations, hand-written wedding vows, and so much more to ensure that the memories can live on, and your investment lasts for years past your beautiful day.